Boat trip to St Kilda

Oct 2 2015in Events by Lynne Maciver Comments Off on Boat trip to St Kilda

A small but enthusiastic group of Rotarians and friends & family members joined a "last chance for 2015" Boat trip to St Kilda on 1st October.


When asked how often boat trips make the crossing in October Skipper Angus Smith, who has been taking visitors to the archipelago on and off for the past 20 years and regularly every Summer for the past 10 years, said "it's unheard of!"


A break in this year's really bad weather with bad sea conditions made it possible for the trip to take place at quite short notice. The group was privileged to be the only visitors to St Kilda on the day and made full use of the invitation to explore the island of Hirta and the remains of the village at will.


First mate on the trip, Innes Smith regaled the visitors with stories of the daily struggles of the St Kildans to eke out an existence in these remarkable islands as the group enjoyed close up encounters with seabirds around the amazing and truly awesome sea stacks surrounding Boreray (including stac an Armin and Stac lee) all of which were without their normal cloud coverings. the group headed back to Harris in the evening tired but exhilarated from a memorable journey to this extraordinary place.


Everyone agreed that the message to others is "If you ever get a chance to make this trip sieze it with both hands!"


Sincere thanks to Sea Harris, Angus and Innes Smith for their hospitality and willingness to share their knowledge all of which added tremendously to what was already a brilliant experience.

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