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Our International Project this year is 'Literacy Box'. The simple aim of this Rotary initiative is to supply schools in Zambia and Zimbabwe with much needed equipment to help schools educate thier pupils. Schools in Zambia and Zimbabwe have little or no equipment even simple stuff we take for granted such as paper, pens, chalk etc can often not be available.

'Literacy Box' is now a registered and has so far sent over 258 boxes of equipment to schools in Sub-Saharan Africa. Each box contains the following equipment;

What goes in a Box?

Literacy Box
How much does a box cost?

A literacy Box costs £275 and will provide 25 children with basic school supplies.
A content list is available for download (as PDF).
Typical contents are:- 1 pack of 25 Exercise Books ( Green ) 1 pack of 25 Exercise Books ( Blue ) 1 pack of 25 Exercise Books ( Red ) 1 pack of 25 Exercise Books ( Yellow ) 1 box of 50 Blue Pens 7 packs of 12 Pencil plus Eraser 25 packs of 12 assorted Coloured Pencils 1 pack of Pencil sharpeners 1 pack of erasers 25 Rulers 25 Pencil cases 2 boxes of 100 White Chalk 1 box of 100 Coloured Chalk 2 Slate Boards 2 Leather Footballs 2 Plastic Footballs 2 Skipping ropes 1 pump with extra needles 25 Backpacks

Our aim is to raise enough money for five boxes by the end of this academic year.

Literacy Box School room

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